Tea Time! Electric Kettles We Love.

While there’s certainly a nostalgic charm in the traditional act of “putting the kettle on,” waiting for the water to reach its boiling point, and listening for that high-pitched whistle, the stove-top approach to boiling water may not be the

Running Shoes for Every Type of Runner

Running isn’t always about speed. Sometimes, a smooth cruise through the neighborhood is rewarding enough. But just like you wouldn’t pick a sports car to haul your groceries, you wouldn’t want to gently jog around the block in a pair

8 Bags to Buy For Your Next Big Adventure

Everyone knows Patagonia. The paragon of outdoor apparel and gear is known by most, beloved by many, reaching icon status years ago within and beyond the space.

Patagonia’s Black Hole bags are insanely popular: they’re durable, come in a variety

Reform + Ikea: Our Current Design Crush

Copenhagen-based Reform  makes Ikea-compatible cabinet fronts, has us going goo-goo like the little design babies we are. And with good reason. They offer cabinet fronts and countertops designed by renowned architects in amazing finishes and colors. OUr current favorite is …

The Best Luggage

When it comes to finding the luggage that’s right for you (and your next trip), there are a few questions you should ask: How will you be traveling? How long will you be traveling? How much stuff will you actually

The Best Linen Sheets

Despite being devoted to my bed and coziness in general, I’ve never really paid attention to bedding beyond aesthetics. My naïveté led me to believe that sheets were sheets, no matter what the material. I was (obviously) very mistaken, but

The Best Family Friendly Sofas